The Family Room

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The Family Room

There’s no better place to live, work, and raise a family than Colorado.  As a fellow citizen and neighbor, I understand the importance of home and the strength of your families.  If I have the honor to serve as our Attorney General, I pledge to protect our western lifestyle and preserve the ability to thrive wherever you happen to live in this exceptional state.


Owning a home is something many Coloradans aspire to.  It can be an exhilarating experience to sign closing documents and hold a set of keys to your new house, ranch, condo, or townhome for the first time.  In some cases, though, the ease of obtaining a loan in the early and mid-2000’s gave way to the incredible hardship of losing a home when mortgage holders foreclosed on struggling borrowers in the late-2000’s.  The nightmare was compounded as it became clear that a group of major financial institutions not only bore a significant responsibility for the housing crisis – with predatory subprime loans and sky-rocketing adjustable rate mortgages – they actually were making matters worse by foreclosing on homeowners without verifying paperwork, and were losing documents, and failing to provide even basic assistance to help Colorado families stay in their homes.

It was the state attorneys general, led by Colorado and Iowa, who held the bad actors accountable.  In 2012, the country’s five largest mortgage servicers reached a record $25 billion national mortgage settlement. In Colorado, just over 7,000 homeowners have realized $398 million in mortgage relief. This is in addition to $51 million in hard dollars that have helped more Coloradans save their homes.

The national mortgage foreclosure settlement shows the power of the Attorney General’s Office to have a very positive impact on a group of distressed local homeowners.  As Attorney General, I will fight these major battles to represent individual taxpayers and to assure that taxpayers can maintain their economic independence.

Gun Rights

In the wake of tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado, the General Assembly reacted by passing a trio of bills this session impacting gun purchasers and owners.  If I’d had the opportunity as a member of the legislature, I would have voted against all three bills.  It is admirable to want to stop future tragedies.  However, this package of legislation does nothing to address the causes of such horrifying mass shootings. Simple answers elude us when we fail to recognize the complexity of the questions we should be asking.  Law-abiding Coloradans have the right to possess guns for protection of their families as well for hunting and sport. I will do my part as Attorney General to preserve those rights.

Data Privacy and Consumer Protection

The Digital Age has transformed the lives of all Coloradans.  From commerce and communication to education, our families use the internet today in ways that would have seemed unimaginable just twenty years ago.  This unprecedented progress has, though, been accompanied by a similarly new set of risks, most notably in terms of privacy.  Every day, Coloradans fall victim to data breaches, identify theft, and other predatory schemes. Children using technology encounter cyberbullying, sexting, and luring.  The financial and emotional impacts can be ruinous for our state’s businesses and families. As your Attorney General, I will fight to effectively protect the data privacy of all Coloradans.  I will encourage more aggressive prosecution of cyber-criminals.  And I will swiftly adopt innovative tools and strategies to make our state a national leader in the online security of our communities.