Why I’m Running

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Dear Friends,

For the past sixteen months, I have had the opportunity to crisscross colorful Colorado on my campaign to become the next Attorney General. I have met many wonderful people and heard memorable stories that embody the spirit of our great state. But I’ve also learned from others concerned about property and water rights, energy independence, public corruption, school safety, and consumer privacy.

As Attorney General, I will work hard every day to address these concerns through the legal system and from the public platform afforded a statewide elected official. I will not waver in my commitment to Coloradans and the Rule of Law.

For the past 9 ½ years, I have been honored to serve as your Chief Deputy Attorney General, working with General John Suthers to build an exceptional public law office representing Colorado and protecting its people. As second-in-command of the Attorney General’s Office, I am in the unique position of knowing the job of Attorney General like very few who’ve ever had the opportunity to run for this office.

The majority of my 23 years of law practice have been spent in public service. I consider my work a calling, and the issues I deal with are both intellectually challenging and profoundly important to daily life in our society. I am a lawyer at heart and have never seen myself becoming a politician. It is the intersection of public policy and the law that captures my attention and undergirds my commitment to serve.

This campaign has been an amazing journey. I thank all of you who have welcomed me in your communities and homes along the way.

There is much to be done to ensure that Colorado continues to be the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I am asking for your support and vote so I can provide leadership in that endeavor.

Because for me, there is no higher calling or greater responsibility than representing the people of Colorado and their laws.